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I'm a photographer with photo technician diploma, self-taught filmmaker.
I'm based in London, England

As a photographer I worked with some amazing people

Long Road Clothing

Loveness Lee Jewellery

Alise Aleksandra 

Chef Rex De Guzman

Up down go machine

and many more!
Photography is my passion, so I take a lot of photos for myself too!

As you can see I ALSO love to travel, and this inspired me to START FILMING MY 
TRAVEL Adventures
 which has let me expand my passion into filmmaking,
And create amazing memories
like this travel films

And it all happened because of my vlogs!
You can see the vlogs in this playlist!

Thank you for getting through this unusual about me page!
Hope you liked it!
If you want to see more of my work head to the galleries
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also feel free to contact me through this form :)
Thank you!

Once again thank you for visiting!
Keep it slick
Peace and Love!
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